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Automatic Filter Press

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automatic filter press:

       1. The pressure, feed pressure, pressure and feed temperature of the fully automatic filter press shall not exceed the prescribed range. If the filter cloth is damaged, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time. Generally speaking, the environment replaced the hydraulic oil in the second half of the year, and all the hydraulic components such as cylinders and oil tanks were replaced within one to three months in a large environment.

       2. Fully automatic filter press drive components: screw, nut, bearing, shaft chamber and hydraulic mechanical pulley shaft should be filled with 2-3 times of liquid lubricant. It is strictly forbidden to dry calcium on the screws. It is strictly forbidden to start the pressing action again in a pressing state. It is strictly prohibited to adjust the current relay parameters at will.

       3. The automatic filter press is forbidden to stay or pass after the cylinder is running. Some people have to protect their work when they press or return. The hydraulic components must not be adjusted at will to prevent the equipment from being damaged due to pressure loss or endangering the person.

       4. The sealing surface of the filter plate is clean and free of wrinkles. The filter plate should be vertical and tidy, pulling on the main beam. Do not bend the front side of the filter. Otherwise, the press operation should not be initiated. It is strictly forbidden to extend the head and limbs between the filter plates during slag removal. The air in the cylinder is exhausted.

       5. All filter plate inlets should be cleaned to avoid clogging the damaged filter plate. The filter cloth should be cleaned in time.


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