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Adjustment Details of Plate and Frame Filter Press

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Pay attention to details when adjusting the sludge treatment effect of the plate and frame filter press

  No matter what kind of equipment, work is more efficient when the condition is good, as is the plate and frame filter press, and the preparation conditions and parameters are adjusted to the state, which can naturally achieve a better sludge treatment effect. But for sludge treatment enterprises that have no experience in the use of plate and frame filter presses, what details need to be paid attention to when adjusting to the sludge treatment effect, and from what aspects? From the following technical engineers of filter press manufacturers have done some plate and frame filter presses Summary of machine adjustments.

  The contact part of the filter plate near the filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press should be flat and not wrinkled, so as to prevent the filter cloth from being pressed by the filter plate from being damaged or mud leakage. To prevent the tail of the buckle from being too long or protruding into the place where the filter plate is pressed to damage the filter cloth or form mud leakage, the short tail should be cut off. When the plate and frame filter press is installed, it should be noted that there is no foreign matter or large sludge particles between the filter cloth and the filter plate. Larger sludge particles or foreign bodies may form filter plates or filter cloths when they are combined.

  In addition to the above details that need to be noted, the engineer said that he should also pay attention to the following points:

   1. Carefully check whether each joint is firm at any time, and whether the operation contact of each component is good. If an abnormality is found, the repair personnel should be promptly repaired. The frame and frame filter press regularly conducts insulation and reliability experiments on the electronic control system. If it is found that the action accuracy and insensitivity caused by electrical components are in need of timely repair or replacement.

2. Check the parts of the trolley, sprocket chain, bearing, piston rod and other parts regularly to keep the cooperative parts clean and smooth. The operating instructions of the hydraulic filter press are good and smooth to ensure sensitive movement. The synchronization of the board trolley and the drape of the chain should be adjusted in time.

   3. The maintenance of the hydraulic system is mainly to check and maintain the sealing of the hydraulic components and each interface. If the plate and frame filter press is not used for a long time, the filter plate of the plate and frame filter press should be cleanly and cleanly discharged on the frame of the filter press. The filter cloth is cleaned and allowed to dry; some of the piston rod is exposed and the integrated block should be greased.

4. Often check the sealing surface of the filter plate to ensure that it is smooth and clean; before pressing, the filter cloth should be carefully checked to ensure that the plate and frame filter press is not folded, damaged, or slag inclusion, so that it is flat and flawless, In order to ensure the role of the filter press; the plate and frame filter press should often rinse the filter cloth to ensure that the filtrate penetrates well. However, if it is like Cangzhou Yalong ultra-high pressure filter press, it has ultra-high pressure, the treated sludge cake is non-sticky and has a low water content, so it is not necessary to check the permeability of the filter cloth frequently.


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